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The Legend of Zelda the Phantom Hourglass Community

The Legend of Zelda The Phantom Hourglass
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Zelda; The Phantom Hourglass

Welcome to The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass Community!
Please read the rules and hopefully you'll join this active community!

This Community is dedicated to the fans of the newest Legend of Zelda game : The Phantom Hourglass! Of course you should be a fan and like the game if you want to join. This community is set up to avoid spoilers but let others discuss the events/likes/dislikes/characters and so from the game. We'll hold writing/art etc contests and even more soon. We're just getting underway. Please be patient.


1. First off this community is for active and friendly members of the community to gather and post. PLEASE ONLY JOIN IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ACTIVE. You'll break our little active hearts.

2. Tolerance is required. This is an open minded community. If you don't want to join because you don't like yaoi/yuri/or het pairings or what ever else then leave. The community doesn't want or need narrow minded jerks. If you don't like it but you can avoid it and want to join then more power to you. Most narrow minded people I've met are jerks. You don't have to like it just tolerate it is all I ask. =)

3. Put any spoilers, long, or mature content under a LJ-cut. If you don't know how look it up in the LJ FAQ or just politely ask one of us. Also if you don't know if it belongs under a cut then ask. We won't bite.

4. Avoid harassing, flaming, or making rude and snarky comments to one another. This is a community for fans and friends not people desiring to start an argument about stupid pointless crap over the internet.

5. Please try to stay on topic. Zelda related at least. If the post constitutes of what you ate for breakfast then it will be deleted as that's way off base there captain. Breakfast=Irrelevant to Zelda. Mostly post about Phantom Hourglass but it can still involve Zelda without being off topic.

6. Avoid using lots and lots of cuss words. Vent/Rant behind a cut, if you must. Vents/Rants are ok as long as they are Zelda based and have logic and are not just a fest of cuss words and crap all strew out about how you don't like Celia or Linebeck or something.

7. Introduce yourself in about 100 words but don't be like, "Hi I'm new here kthnxbi." Make it interesting and tell us about yourself but don't give away any personal info that crazy anonymous tards can get a hold of.

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