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Welcome to The Phantom Hourglass Community!

Welcome all current and new members of The Live Journal Phantom Hourglass Community! Apparently(correct me if I'm wrong) we're the first Phantom Hourglass community on Live Journal. We'd like to remain highly active for as long as possible. If you'd like to become a moderator check out the profile for more info. Be sure to check our profile for rules and all. Let all your friends know about the community. We need to get moving. =)


Release Dates:
Japan: June 23, 2007
North America: October, 2007
Australia: October 11, 2007
Europe: October 19, 2007

The game is released for all the countries possible at the current time.

Zelda Universe Page
Official Phantom Hourglass Site


Contest - Trip for two to Manhattan, shopping spree.  Text or mail the correct answer to three(easy) Zelda based questions to get your name entered in drawing for the contest. More info here:

Free Feather Stylus-(Us & Canada Only) Sign up with (Free!)Register your Phantom Hourglass game, fill out a small survey about the game and get a feather stylus for free! Ships within 4-6 weeks. More info here: click!

For our first topic :

Discuss the aspects of the game and what made it so appealing to you. Why did you like the game? Did you like how it used a lot of the DS functions? Was it hard/easy? Did you think it deserved a higher rating? Lower Rating? Do you wish it were longer? Etc. Explain. Discuss. Go crazy.
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