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Made a craptastic layout. Ugh. I couldn't get half of the coding to work with me so the best I could do at such a short notice. If you can do better by all means do so. Been busy with retarded school stuff so it's making moderation tight here. If you want to be a mod let me know.

I've dropped all the fancy apply stuff. It was a waste of the applicant's time but it also wasn't at the same time since it was an introduction and I did it too.

Alright. So some time has passed and we have four members. Should this community stay private or not? I'm thinking of turning it public. It seems harder to make it private and maybe it's not worth the effort. Plus do you think that's scaring members away? Discuss. This could have a slight impact on our future as a community. Also how should/could/can we attract new members? =/

Also if you're having trouble posting let me know. You should be able to post freely but some settings might need to be messed with.
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i think turning the community public would be a good idea.
I think it would be a great idea to have open membership, and if there's problems, perhaps make it private? I don't think there is much of a chance that anything could go wrong.

The closed membership may be scaring people away, I sort of second guessed myself when applying. Also, the game is still new, once more people finish they may want to talk about it more? Just a thought.

What are the duties of being a mod? I'd be comfortable with checking posts/comments to make sure no flaming/bad stuff is going on. I'll think about it, as I have plenty of time at the moment.

And..I don't speak html other than general tweaking of layouts, so sorry I can't help :(
Alrighty then. I thought so but I just wanted everyone's opinion on the subject. So it's now public. Dunno why I really made it private in the first place but it's over. There's really nothing to mod except like you mentioned taking care of all comments and posts and such. Just basic if someone steps a bit over the line sort of thing. I doubt we'll have that many problems anyway.