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Open Membership [20 Jan 2008|02:10pm]

Jeez. I thought I had fixed that but apparently not. So It's my bad. It's now open membership so you don't have to get my approval. Makes it easier on all of us. I thought I'd already set it to open but I guess I was wrong. Glad I got it fixed though. Enjoy your stay.
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Need a Helping Hand? [04 Nov 2007|10:07pm]

I've found this to be a great source of help when you're stuck and you just need that little push to get by.

Zelda Walkthrough!

It's really slow loading but it's a really great detailed help for when you're stuck and you just can't get anywhere else. I've used it when I just can't figure something out or what the best way to go about something is. But I have actually played the game without relying on this too heavily. I believe in using the guide only as a last resort when you're just stuck.

Hmm there's another PH community out there. Ours did come first and even though it really shouldn't, it bothers me slightly. Tell me that it's alright and that I shouldn't let it bother me. Maybe if you tell me what you feel about it, it will make me feel less bothered by it.
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Privacy? [04 Nov 2007|05:48pm]

Made a craptastic layout. Ugh. I couldn't get half of the coding to work with me so the best I could do at such a short notice. If you can do better by all means do so. Been busy with retarded school stuff so it's making moderation tight here. If you want to be a mod let me know.

I've dropped all the fancy apply stuff. It was a waste of the applicant's time but it also wasn't at the same time since it was an introduction and I did it too.

Alright. So some time has passed and we have four members. Should this community stay private or not? I'm thinking of turning it public. It seems harder to make it private and maybe it's not worth the effort. Plus do you think that's scaring members away? Discuss. This could have a slight impact on our future as a community. Also how should/could/can we attract new members? =/

Also if you're having trouble posting let me know. You should be able to post freely but some settings might need to be messed with.
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Welcome to The Phantom Hourglass Community! [25 Oct 2007|10:47pm]

Welcome all current and new members of The Live Journal Phantom Hourglass Community! Apparently(correct me if I'm wrong) we're the first Phantom Hourglass community on Live Journal. We'd like to remain highly active for as long as possible. If you'd like to become a moderator check out the profile for more info. Be sure to check our profile for rules and all. Let all your friends know about the community. We need to get moving. =)


Release Dates:
Japan: June 23, 2007
North America: October, 2007
Australia: October 11, 2007
Europe: October 19, 2007

The game is released for all the countries possible at the current time.

Zelda Universe
Nintendo.com Page
Official Phantom Hourglass Site


Contest - Trip for two to Manhattan, shopping spree.  Text or mail the correct answer to three(easy) Zelda based questions to get your name entered in drawing for the contest. More info here:

Free Feather Stylus-(Us & Canada Only) Sign up with Nintendo.com (Free!)Register your Phantom Hourglass game, fill out a small survey about the game and get a feather stylus for free! Ships within 4-6 weeks. More info here: click!

For our first topic :

Discuss the aspects of the game and what made it so appealing to you. Why did you like the game? Did you like how it used a lot of the DS functions? Was it hard/easy? Did you think it deserved a higher rating? Lower Rating? Do you wish it were longer? Etc. Explain. Discuss. Go crazy.
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